Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Some ideas about this year's Google Summer of Code

This year's GSoC ended several weeks ago but I'm kind of busy working on open source community contribution in China and don't have time to say something about that till now. Really appreciate that Google provide this chance for me to get to know the open source world and be one of them. Also, thanks to GNOME and my mentor David for their time and effort to get us engaged.

To be honest, I didn't spend so much time on my project this year compared to other students I know. But I will continue to contribute and help other people around me to get involved. Working with those people willing to share and help really enlightened me and I want to get more people to know about that since open source is not very popular in China nowadays. In fact one of my schoolmates has already asked me the details about that and said he would like to try next year.

Throughout this summer, I've been focusing on Evolution Active-Sync, the backend of Evolution for the supporting of the protocol called Microsoft Active Sync. It's not a big project and not used by as many people as GTK or Evolution itself, but still my work helped someone, and that makes me going on.

After the GSoC, I've done some work related to the open source community in China. We have a organization called kaiyuanshe and they did some work to help promote open source. Last weekend they organized the Apache Roadshow in Beijing and I was one of the volunteers. Also, I gave a speech about my experience in GSoC on the conference. Although it's not the GNOME community, but I think sometimes we should contribute to the open source world as a whole without caring which one it is. Hope our effort would enlarge the open source force in China.

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